Urban Tech Sweden
Accelerating the transformation into climate neutral cities through financing, technology and knowledge

Urban Tech Sweden is a network of investors, technology and knowledge suppliers and a project within ElectriCITY Innovation.

Urban Tech Sweden Matchmaking event

On October 6, a digital Matchmaking event was held where innovations were sought for the following projects

Grid Concept Development
in Tanzania by Ecobarge

ECOBARGE is a company that provides mobile sustainable infrastructure solutions integrated in a vessel or a barge. It is scalable and can supply; heat, cooling, hot water, electricity and different grades of water as well as water purification.

Hudson Square Project in
New York City by Hines

New York State has forged an aggressive climate action plan, including among the most ambitious and comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation globally. Key technologies are not presently in the NY/US market but are already already available in Sweden.

About us

Urban Tech Sweden is a non-for profit organisation represented by a network of investors, technology and know-how providers, whose long-term targets are to:

  • accelerate the transformation into climate neutral cities
  • increase industry’s capacity to build and deliver integrated systems for climate neutral cities
  • enhance trade for the industry – both from Sweden and in the local economy.

We support projects that truly accelerate the transformation of cities and its financial, digital and infrastructure systems into climate smart cities. We focus on projects in the area of e.g. Energy – Waste management and Systems – Mobility – Urban Planning and Sustainable Lifestyle – Clean Water – Climate, Resources and Environment – Industry and Manufacturing and Sustainable Health Care. Our projects are selected where Urban Tech Swedens’ premium members and portfolio members has the ability to provide knowledge, technology and financing.

Urban Tech Sweden was initiated by The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries – Teknikföretagen – in 2019. Teknikföretagen was created in 1896 and represent more than 4.200 companies and stands for more than 30 % of the export in Sweden. Urban Techs Swedens’ portfolio is one of the largest urban tech portfolios in the world.

Urban Tech Sweden has the leading network in Sweden for clean tech and climate neutral cities. Through our commercial arms we can take the overall responsibility towards potential customers, investors and companies throughout the project cycle.

Our role is to mitigate the financial risk that exists at the beginning of the business process, project, build and commission and to bring in the eco-system needed for making the project happen.

Task-force financing for climate neutral cities

Urban Tech Sweden is leading a network of both Nordic private and public Financial Organisation. Our projects are presented and discussed from a financial perspective.

Urban Tech Sweden premium members

If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor,
please feel free to contact us.