Jörgen Lööf

ElectriCITY Innovation

ElectriCITY is a citizenship-driven innovation platform that was formed in 2012. The ambition is for Hammarby Sjöstad, Sweden’s most acclaimed urban development project, to be a leader in climate change with the goal to be climate neutral by 2030. The local project is called Hammarby Sjöstad 2.0 and serves as a demosite and test bed for innovations in energy, transport, circular economy, digitalization and urban farming. ElectriCITY believes in sharing knowledge and experiences as a key part of a system shift towards climate neutrality.

ElectriCITY´s strength is having members and partners consisting of leading companies, research institutions and municipal administrations in tight collaboration with committed citizens.

ElectriCITY is trying to create a systems perspective for how energy, transport, circular economy and digitalisation are increasingly integrated. How systems become smarter and more cost-effective when they support each other. A business model for climate neutrality.

Matchmaking between small as well as large companies, from different businesses and markets, has been a integrated part of ElectriCITY’s work over the years. Urban Tech Sweden is now a project within ElectriCITY, which further strengthens the export opportunities for its members.

Jörgen Lööf

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