Off grid concept development for resorts and local communities on Pemba Island, Zanzibar in Tanzania

Desalination and cooling for fish Ecobarge pilot project
Drinking water for communities and cooling for fish to be used by local fishermen

Ecobarge is a company that provides mobile sustainable infrastructure solutions integrated in a vessel or a barge. It is scalable and can supply; heat, cooling, hot water, electricity and different grades of water as well as water purification. It is suitable for any area with inadequate or unsustainable solutions or without existing energy infrastructure.

Solutions for eco-resorts

The project is focused on converting The Manta Resort resort to eco-resort and at the same time to support local community using the following technologies.

  • Solar station
  • Energy storage
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Water saving solutions
  • Solar collectors
  • Biogas unit for cooking gas
  • Solutions for swimming pools to eliminate the usage of chlorine and save the coral reef from bleaching.

In collaboration with Kwanini foundation

Technologies description of Pemba Island project

Market opportunities

Ecobarge pilot plant at a second stage form the basis for an intended further scale up aiming for meeting the needs of up to 300.000 people locally as well as for other similar international projects

  • Pre feasibility to define already experienced, committed Local Partner and reference Customer / End User needs, thereby Technologies
  • Potential Investors / project financiers already defined and
  • Potential for cost efficient financing through combination of export credits, public funding, carbon emission trading and ship financing.
  • Experienced turn key installer
  • Existing resorts striving towards sustainability for increasing revenues.
  • Concept easily scalable increasing cost efficiency.
  • Proven business model providing for positive cashflow.
  • Order potential for deliveries within 12 months subject to pre feasibility results.
  • Potential for meeting further SDG´s through connection with education etc.
  • Potential for media impact, utilization as ongoing pilot/exhibition
  • Potential for standardized concept towards international markets